School Camps


Adventure Camps

River rafting/ Rock climbing/ Abseiling/ High Ropes/ Hiking

Experience nature first hand

Outcomes Based Learning

Leadership/ Task accomplishment/ Emotional intelligence/ Communication skills

Experiential learning courses that are customized to the groups demographics and requirements

Customized courses can vary in length and depth of the program

Ranging from 2 hours where concepts and skills are introduced and discussed to as long as 3 days where these skills are taught and practiced

These programs may also be incorporated into other camps

Bonding Camps

Fun based activities that enable participants to learn about themselves and their class mates in a relaxed and friendly environment

River trip

Multi day Breede river trips just outside of Worcester

A variety of trips between 2 to 4 days

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning focuses on affecting the learner's cognitive structures, attitudes, values, perceptions and behaviour patterns in a supportive, accepting and caring environment. Hands on activities provide a simulated work scenario in which the individual and group are free to experiment with new attitudes and behaviour patterns that may be monitored and if necessary adjusted within the group context to achieve desired outcomes.

Optional Venues



Breede Valley




In house (Your school)

Venue of your selection


Go to our Prices page to see a rough pricing guide. Remember that all trips can be tailored to suite your specific needs.

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