Orange River

Mild Difficulty Rating: 3 Wild

Running trips for over 9 years on the Richtersveld stretch of the Orange River, my favourite time is the out of season trips when no other boats are to be seen and the nature is experienced as it was a million years ago.

With a combination of class 1 to 3 rapids, reed channels and long open flat stretches where time stands still the Orange river is a must for all nature lovers. The four days spent covering 50km is done at a leisurely pace with a healthy balance of time spent on water and at the overnight camps along the way.

The outdoor leisure pursuit of moving down a river in canoes or inflatable rafts� Whether it be for just one day or a two week expedition down a river the beauty of nature, the tranquillity of the pace of life and the exhilaration when it all gets mixed up and some white water gets thrown in can not be matched by much in life. River time is for friends and family where all can come together and enjoy nature and the finer points of life as they where meant be.


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